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meet the mamas

Having met during long evenings of antenatal classes and giving birth to their boys in neighbouring delivery wards in January 2017, Dawn, mama to Zion, and Anna, mama to Henry, bonded over teething tips, extra strong coffee and a desire to do something more with their time.

Dawn, a freelance PR, and Anna, a former magazine girl, decided to utilise nap times (if the babes were being kind) and set up small creative outlets of their own that they could squeeze around the unpredictability of family life. With Dawn setting up a teething jewellery business and Anna, jazzing up wedding stationery with swirly writing, they decided to go one step further and pooled their ideas together to form Mama Makes Network.

Their aim is to bring together like-minded mamas for inspirational meet-ups where the chat is slightly more imaginative than nappy content (although nappy chat is still allowed, because who doesn’t enjoy that), to learn brand new skills at hands-on workshops or listen to inspiring speakers. If this sounds like your cup of tea – they’d love to meet you!